Shutter Love Photography - Wedding photos never delivered

Monroe, Georgia 2 comments

This company owner and associate did the photographs for my daughter's wedding in May of 2011.As of this date in July 2012 we have not received any of the photographs.

Yes, we have been patiently waiting for the wedding photographs for over a year. We have been promised they were coming and that half are ready, but we never receive anything. We have asked for all the photos in any form. We can correct issues, but at least we would have the memories.

This was a young couple's precious memories and we can not get anything from these people.At this point we feel we are never going to get anything and even though there were two photographers their are no photos.

Anyone wanting to use this company for their special pictures needs to be aware that they may not get any photographs of that special event.

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The pictures of the rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding events, wedding ceremony and reception were for family members AND were ALL taken for FREE!!The pictures have been viewed by the groom and bride.

So, they have seen them!! The one complaining here has NEVER and I said NEVER bothered getting in touch with me either by e-mail or phone or anything else. I also want to reiterate ALL of the pictures were taken for FREE!!

Now, if she can stop complaining and try calling me for the first time I will be more than happy to give her ALL of the pictures on a disk for FREE!!I have learned a valuable lesson doing a good deed for family......Just wanted everyone to hear my side of the story...


This is so crazy...the person that posted this original piece is in a family feud.

Now trying to cause a ruckus.

The original agreement was to 'photograph for free'.There was never any statement made about getting the actual photos for free.

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